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Director's Message 

Information Technology and the Internet, for the first time following the Industrial Revolution, have abolished any wall, separation and boundary set by time, space or national frontiers and are opening a whole new world before us.

Financial markets have leveraged these new perspectives, since the Internet provides a quick and easy access to join the market at a click, for anyone interested in any part of the world, at any moment.

We at Grid Info Systems believe in our mission to help our customers benefit from this new business and technological perspective, remaining faithful to our fundamental values in regards of all our customers. Turning a profit by developing technologies is of course important, but contributing to our common future, preserving environment and enriching our culture is equally important for corporations as well.

Grid Info Systems is bracing itself for another breakthrough on the basis of our technical and business expertise and know-how accumulated in the last few years. Even during periods of economic slowdown, our company has maintained a moderate but constant growth, sign that our business model is strong and committed to long term excellence and service to our customers.

Shafi Abdullah

Director - Research & Marketing