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Quality Policy 

"At Grid Info Systems, we believe in Quality as much as we talk about it.
Adherence to Quality at every stage is our recipe to success..
The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action...... "

Our objective is to deliver the highest possible quality projects and solutions that meet or exceed our customer expectations. Quality, to us, is not a mere business pulling strategy but a standard to be practiced by everyone in the organizational hierarchy.

Our Quality Management Systems are based on the best of industry standard quality guidelines. Moreover the quality management concept evolves from practical on-the-job lessons and the organization's strategy. Its implementation is effectively managed through a comprehensive, practical and well-designed process. Constant review and audit of this system ensures its applicability and use throughout the organization.

We also realize that, by just box selling we will not make the project any better or improve its quality. Hence our employees are educated and motivated to incorporate the quality processes into their every day activities, thereby preventing non-conformance to quality at every level. The active QA department and compulsory QA on every project, help monitor and evaluate quality at every stage. Any deviation is detected and corrected at an early stage.